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Oct 20th, 2017 at 02:46 pm
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Best Lock Military Set: Set Number - 01419 - (Read 2,265 Times)
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Post Icon Posted: Apr 1st, 2012 at 01:10 pm

Well I've not actually reviewed a kit before or come to that bought a 'Best Lock' kit before either, but here goes Smiley

Anyway, I've read many comments about 'Best Lock' being reasonably good so when out and about today I decided to buy a set I saw in a local store. The set in question was a military set containing a 'jeep' type vehicle, trailer, assault boat and an artillery piece plus three minifigs.

The box its packed in is some 25cm x 25cm x 5cm, it did not state how many pieces the set contained, but just that all pictured could be built at the same time.

Getting home I opened the box to find some 4 small bags of bricks, 4 double sided printed instructions (one for each vehicle) and a sheet of stickers that can be applied to the models to represent military camoflage all packaged in a cardboard inner. It is fair to say that the contents could have been packaged in a considerably smaller box, but this maker is no more guilty of this than any other.

The models were reasonably easy to assemble and the bricks did connect reasonably easy for the most part, although some were not quite as tight a fit (or 'Best Lock') as they could be. The models when completed do represent those contained on the box illustration, so all is ok there (see pic below).

However for me this is where the good news ends. Points I would mark this set down on are;

1. One brick was missing - thankfully only a standard 4x2 flat tile, although I don't have any spares in sand colour so a black one had to suffice as a replacement.

2. One brick was broken - This was the brick containing the socket that the ball joint on the trailer should plug into, so is a bit of a problem as I now need to find a replacement set of connector bricks to make that work.

3. Quite a few bricks had 'flash', while not massive pieces of excess plastic, it was annoying and on some bricks required a little trimming in order to make the bricks fit better.

4. Instructions were quite basic, although sufficient, but worse still the designs were not good in that elements of some models require an extra brick or two to anchor parts of the model. Without these additional bricks they will easily come apart in play.

So overall how do I feel? Well the set was only £5 (reduced from £9.99) so it wasn't a big layout, but overall I would probably only rate the set at about 6 out of 10 due to the problems highlighted above.

Would I buy 'Best Lock' again? Odds are no unless the set was one I really wanted or the price was very keen.

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