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Jul 21st, 2017 at 03:37 am
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WTB or WTT: COBI 2450 "Tiger Tank" and 2444 "T-34/76" - (Read 192 Times)

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Post Icon Posted: Jun 27th, 2017 at 08:24 am

Is anybody willing to let go of their COBI set 2450 "Tiger Tank" and COBI set 2444 "T-34/76"?

I know that these models are "outdated" and better renditions of these tanks are already released by COBI, but these are the only 2 sets I'm still missing from their "Small Army WW2" line of products.

I already own set 2436 "Tiger Tank" and set 2438 "T-34 Medium Tank", which contain practically the same tanks just with different minifigs, but I would like to complete my collection and get these 2 missing set numbers.
And by browsing the online building instructions I noticed that at least the 2450 Tiger uses a couple bricks inside the tank that are different from the 2436 set (2x2 light grey bricks with a hole instead of 2x4 light grey bricks without holes).

Or maybe somebody want's to trade their "outdated" model for a more recent COBI release of that tank type?
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