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Nov 22nd, 2017 at 03:09 am
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CPC59 2015 SDCC Exclusive CoD Zombie: Call of Duty: Zombies (2015) - (Read 183 Times)
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CPC59 2015 SDCC Exclusive CoD Zombie
Call of Duty: Zombies (2015)
10 pieces, official count
7 pieces, inventoried

1AS-CPC59-02Brick 1 x 1 round with side studs, metallic finish
1AS-CPC59-03Brick 1 x 1 round, metallic finish
1AS-CPC59-05Plate 2 x 6 irregular, metallic finish
1AS-CPC59-04Slope brick 36 1 x 1 with open stud on slope, metallic finish
1AS-CPC59-01Tile 1 x 4 wood plank, metallic finish, printed with ''2015''
1FIG-CPC59-AFigure, CoD: 2015 SDCC exclusive zombie, metallic finish
1AD-CPC59-01Instruction booklet for CPC59 2015 SDCC Exclusive CoD Zombie

This information is subject to change and should be considered a good faith ''best guess.''

Hyperlinks leading to the excellent Bricker database are used with permission.

Special thanks to forum member PeteRock for providing this information.
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