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Jun 25th, 2017 at 07:03 am
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Gameband - Smartwatch for Old School Gamers - (Read 1,078 Times)

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For some reason, I think I should save my game in a brand new slot.

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I'm likely barking up the wrong tree for some of this crowd, but I backed a Kickstarter for a gamer-themed smartwatch that seems pretty neat. It's a pairing between Gameband, Atari, and Terraria, and will be having one-hand watch enabled Atari games and a Terraria minigame.

It will allow you to load a MicroSD card and charges via USB-C. Specs look good. No HRM, NFC or GPS to conserve battery life and allow for more space.

It will also have its own file platform called PixelFurnace which will allow you to plug the watch into a computer for gaming-on-the-go.

Just throwing this out for any who might be interested. $149 for the basic editions, and $219 for the Droid edition which includes a leather strap, brushed metal face, and Gorilla glass.
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