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Nov 22nd, 2017 at 03:13 am
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EV-41 Racing Sparrow - (Read 458 Times)

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I've been resisting new block purchases for quite a while due to my precarious housing/financial situation, but I had to grab this set for the large figure. More about that in a moment.
First, the Sparrow:
I have no knowledge of Destiny, so I can't speak for how closely this resembles the game version, but it's a sleek, smooth build with some nice elements. I was kind of bummed that this set didn't feature the shiny chrome of so many previous sets, but that's minor.
Main figure/pilot:
Typical for what I've seen in other sets, minus cool color scheme. Interesting weapon. Awkward grip is offset by excellent articulation that allows a realistic firing position with stick tucked under arm. Also notable for someone new to these figures - the hands have a realistic cant of a few degrees downward from the wrist. Pleasantly surprised by this. It yields much more realistic poses than the awkward straight grip of the past.
Large Figure:
This is why I bought the set, and thus I'm a bit more critical of it. From early pics, I expected a beefy figure just a bit taller and broader than the standard - a classic, maybe slightly cartoonish, "heavy". What you actually get is a figure that could draw good odds wrestling against a Halo Hunter. Again, I don't know what this guy represents or if the figure is accurate, but I'm disappointed that the proportions are... off. Head is slightly smaller, which gives him a pinhead look, very minor, though. Arms are thick, but appear too short due to standard size hands. Shoulder pins are just thick enough not to be compatible with the smaller figures without permanent alteration. He does have a cool weapon that disguises the short arms when used, but, like many of you, I wanted a well-articulated base for large customs, this will necessitate sourcing larger hands. On the plus side, the arm articulation is good enough to place both hands together even with the large breastplate on. The legs are typical for larger figures. Wonder if we'll ever see legs with the same degree of articulation as the newer arms?
Not able to include pics at the moment, but will try again later.

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