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Apr 28th, 2017 at 03:18 am
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Tales from 2552 - (Read 642 Times)

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Well, first this was going to be a series, then I decided to scrap it and just make the first episode a teaser for the big event it was supposed to be leading up to, but then I decided putting all my effort into something that would require a long period of time to complete might not be the best idea right now, and I had some more ideas for episodes, so now it's back to being a full series.


Basically just a bunch of shorts that take place in the year 2552 (which is kind of a big deal in Halo). I wanted to take the opportunity to tell some stories with characters that don't often get the spotlight, introduce some new ones, and reintroduce some that haven't been seen in a while to get ready for them to have larger roles in the main event.
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