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Nov 22nd, 2017 at 03:10 am
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97166 Forerunner Weapons Pack: Halo: Halo Wars (2013) - (Read 341 Times)
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97166 Forerunner Weapons Pack
Halo: Halo Wars (2013)
20 pieces, official count
21 pieces, inventoried

1AM09323WTrans ClearAntenna 8H, type 01
1AM08463WTrans ClearBrick 4 x 4 round dome two-thirds-height
1AM17062AGVMetallic Light GrayConnector: pin, short with clip
1AM17062WTrans ClearConnector: pin, short with clip
1AM09393AJDTrans Reddish OrangePlate 1 x 2
2AM15484AJDTrans Reddish OrangePlate 2 x 2 corner
1AM73222AKECamo Pine GreenPlate 7 x 8 irregular
2AM01322AGVMetallic Light GraySlope brick 45 1 x 2
2AM03019AGVMetallic Light GraySlope brick 45 2 x 1
2AM03767AGVMetallic Light GraySlope brick 70 1 x 5 x 2
1AS9716603MMMetallic Dark GrayTool/Gear: antigravity flight pod with trans-orange detail
1AM19180AGVMetallic Light GrayWall 6 x 5 x 1 perforated
1AM73782HJTrans CyanWeapon, Armor: shield, hard light
1AS9716601MMMetallic Dark GrayWeapon, Firearm: M45D Tactical Shotgun with orange detail
1AS9716602MMMetallic Dark GrayWeapon, Firearm: shotgun, scattershot with orange detail
1AS9711808Figure, Halo: Promethean Watcher
1AD971661Instruction booklet for 97166 Forerunner Weapons Pack

This information is subject to change and should be considered a good faith ''best guess.''

Hyperlinks leading to the excellent Bricker database are used with permission.
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