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Nov 22nd, 2017 at 03:06 am
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Assassin's Creed: 2014 to 2015 - (Read 1,545 Times)
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Assassin's Creed
Assassin's Creed
94320French Revolution Attack11652015YES!
CNG07Haytham's Pursuit5612015YES!
CNG10American Revolution Pack10642015YES!
CNG11Naval Cannon21422015
CNG12Chariot Chase31522015
CNG89Heavy Borgia Soldier36102015YES!
CNK22Pirate Crew Pack974201494305
CNK23Borgia Guard Pack10642015Reissue of CNF07YES!
CNK24French Revolution Battalion11642015YES!
DBJ04Fortress Attack3142201494319YES!
DBJ05Gunboat Takeover5804201494308
DBJ08Cannon Strike741201494303YES!
DBJ09Da Vinci's Flying Machine951201494302YES!
DLC06Blackbeard2212016Never released?YES!

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