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Prototype Sabre on ebay? Can you verify this claim?

Post by stuntpk on May 8th, 2012 at 02:20 am
Edit: Supposedly the father of the person contacted me and said his son has been into his account an posting items that slipped through his verification. (Interesting turn of events if you ask me)

Sparky - Brad?
This seller is claiming he sold this model to mega Bloks as the test issue for the Sabre.
Do you have any response to his claims? It looks nothing like the Prototype revealed at PAX.
(He also recently had a Green Air Assault Spartan on ebay which he claimed was found in a series 3 pack) If this guy is making false claims and pushing them on ebay, you may want to look into it.

I messaged him for some sort of proof and he stands by his claims.

His first response:
Hello again, this is an early prototype and mega Bloks might have edited the structure. And yes they did accept it because I actually went to one of the small companies and talked to them about it. Plus I could speak to the main Mega Bloks company in Canada. Maybe they have changed it a bit, but this is the official prototype.

I asked for some sort of proof of this so called Prototype sale to Mega Bloks.
His second response:
I don't know who you are and wether I can trust you as I have had lots of problems with recent dealers. Plus, this is something that my son built for his entertainment and then we decided to sell it to mega Bloks, then the model to eBay. We decided to sell it here because somebody might want the early stages. Right now he is trying to build a seraph. And yes I did find an air assault spartan in a series 3 pack. That was obviously a mishap in the making. Now please give me one reason why I cannot sell a creation on eBay.


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